My favorite beauty brands: NUDESTIX 

                                          NUDESTIX eye, cheek and lip pencils and storage tins 

I thought I’d start an intermittent series of blogs featuring some of my favorite brands. Today, let’s talk about NUDESTIX — a high-concept company that makes makeup super easy.
The premise behind NUDESTIX is that women can create clean, light looks that don’t appear overly made up. The tool of choice is chubby pencils. In fact, all of the company’s products come in space-saving, simple-to-use and easily transportable chubby-pencil form. We’re talking eye pencils, cheek pencils, contour pencils, correcting pencils, concealing pencils … the list goes on and on.

                                       NUDESTIX Cheek & Lip Pencil in ‘Sin’ 

The NUDESTIX pencils I reach for are the eye and lip products. In fact, one of my go-to eye looks is created with three of the company’s easily blendable bronze-tone eye pencils. My favorite nude lipstick is Whisper. And when I say “favorite nude,” I don’t mean favorite of the NUDESTIX nudes, I mean favorite nude of any shade, any brand.

I mentioned that NUDESTIX are transportable. Each NUDESTIX or NUDESTIX set comes in a cute little storage tin, complete with pencil sharpener. They’re great for travel, but I store my NUDESTIX out of their tins because they’ll fill up a drawer rather quickly.

Anyway, sample a NUDESTIX. I’m glad I did!

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