Downsize your makeup bag with minis and multitaskers

unnamedI used to carry a purse the size of a carry-on bag, but lately have enjoyed the freedom of toting a small cross-body version. Not only is it easier on my back, but it’s also less of a weapon in crowded stores and restaurants. And with football season just around the corner, wearing a small bag that won’t slip off my shoulder is the right choice for a hot and crowded stadium.

Of course, carrying a purse the size of a lunch box created logistical problems for someone accustomed to bags that could literally hold a baby and all its toys. Downsizing the purse meant downsizing everything else — including my makeup bag and its contents.

What made the cut? Well, after eliminating the petrified breath mints, chewing gum that had turned to leather and sundry other items that had been lolling around in my old makeup bag since the Dark Ages, these items made the transition to a new bag, smaller bag:

  • A full-sized Colour Pop Lippie Stick in Sweet Thing, a universal pink.
  • A sample-sized Smashbox Be Legendary Longwear Lip Lacquer in Coral.
  • Rohto Cool Eyedrops, which give your eyes a minty freshness. It sounds odd but the cooling sensation is quite pleasant once you get used to it.
  • Benefit Bo-ing concealer, which is my on-the-go favorite for blemishes and the annoying broken blood vessel to the right of my nose.
  • Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon, which can be used on cheeks or lips for a light wash of waterproof color.
  • A mini-sized Stila Convertible Color blush in Lillium, a neutral shade that goes with everything.
  • A mini-sized Benefit Roller Ball mascara.
  • Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation in Porcelain Girl. This doesn’t provide complete coverage, so I’d personally never use it as foundation. It’s perfect for touch-ups and tamping down unwanted shine, though.
  • Depending upon where I’m going, I might drop another item or two in my bag, such as a mini bottle of Shiseido’s Ultra Sun Protection Cream or Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15.

Altogether, this pared-down list of products covers my needs and saves me from embarrassment when I run into an old friend (or enemy). As you’re putting together your emergency face-repair kit, consider the size of the products you’re contemplating. Mini sizes and samples can carry a heavy load while keeping your load light.

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