First impression: Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation

 I didn’t plan to blog today, but after a glance in the mirror prompted a “Dang, your skin looks good, girl!” reaction, it seemed a first impression review was in order.

I popped into Sephora a few days ago to pick up sunscreen for this weekend’s sailing to the Bahamas — a girls’ trip with my mother, sister and daughter. Well, we all know that leaving Sephora with only intentional purchases is practically impossible. I walked out with a new foundation (I’m on a constant search for the latest and greatest).

The foundation that called out to me was Josie Maran’s new Vibrancy foundation. My shade is called “Euphoric,” or light neutral. What’s different about it? It’s a medium- to full-coverage buildable foundation powered by 100 percent pure Argan oil. I’d never tried a Josie Maran foundation, but I’m pleased so far. After wearing it for three days, I can say it goes on smoothly and provides a nice, healthy-glow finish. My skin is combination and it doesn’t slide over into “greasy glow” for me, but oily girls (and guys) might have a different experience.

What I found most pleasing about Vibrancy is the way it settles into my skin as the day goes on.  The finish looks lovely right after the product is applied but becomes more dewy and, yes, vibrant as the hours pass. In fact, it looks better after a few hours. I haven’t found the need to powder and the only fading I get is at the corners of my nose, which is standard for me.

I checked the reviews on Sephora and Vibrancy currently has four stars. The most common complaint is that it clings to dry spots, which seems odd for a foundation containing Argan oil. I personally have not experienced this issue, but I did notice some streakiness upon application. I’ve overcome the issue by applying the foundation with my Artis Oval 8 brush, then pressing it into my skin with a Beauty Blender.

Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation is available in 14 shades, $45, Sephora or

Photos, clockwise from left: Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation, immediately after application, four hours after application

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