Boho dream: Festival beauty and fashion

Coachella, the spring music festival, is headed into its second weekend in Indio, California, which means I’m in the midst of rhapsodizing over the bohemian, pseudo-gypsy and hippie-esque outfits celebrities in the crowd are wearing.

I’m a huge fan of 70s fashions. I love going onto Pinterest to check out old photos of Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, Julie Christie and other 70s icons who made hippie look chic. The outfits at Coachella are mere imitations of the originals — and in many cases cost thousands more. Regardless, they’re a lot of retro fun!

I’m a bit too old to head off to Coachella, despite the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger (who’s older than I am) was hanging around at the event last weekend. Still, I was moved to create some wearable versions of boho fashion this week. Unlike some Coachella attendees, I wasn’t inclined to try out face painting; I kept my makeup much more wearable. As for hair, I tried my version of a head wreath via a simple under-$5 headband from I’m growing my hair out a bit and sometimes it looks super. At other times, wrangling with a headband is necessary.

I’m also a bit old for some of the barer, wilder Coachella fashions. If you try, though, you can find age-appropriate bohemian looks at Urban Decay and from brands such as Free People. All it takes it a bit of careful editing and the knowledge that you’re going for an homage to hippiedom, not full-on Woodstock.

With that said, here is my first look. I’m wearing a Free People tunic. I don’t often choose bold prints but this one worked for me. The star, though, is the lipstick: a Laura Geller Love Me Dew lip crayon in Cranberry Glaze. My eyeshadow is also from Laura Geller. I used the gorgeous navy and periwinkle tones from her The Wearables palette.

The next festival-inspired look I attempted was softer and more monochromatic. I’m loving this spring’s eyelets, laces and pastels. A look in my closet would reveal that I go for solids in my shirts and slacks, although my summer maxis feature colorful prints. In any case, this look features shimmering champagne eyes courtesy of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette and muted lips courtesy of Make Up For Ever’s Artist Lip Blush.


No matter what your inspiration, you’re not too old to try it. If you can still rock a look, go ahead and rock it. You won’t be able to wear it the same way you wore it at 20 or even 30, but there’s always a way to adapt it to your age, body shape and persona. So go out there and have fun with fashion and makeup, no matter how old you are. You only live once!

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