Make it a double: Two-toned lips are a big deal

 Some guys are leg men, others are into breasts and some have a thing for perfect, pouty lips. Give the latter group a thrill with one of the latest lipstick crazes: ombré lips. 

What, exactly, are ombré lips? They’re two-toned lips, created by using two different but complementary shades of lipstick. Most commonly, the darker shade is used to line the lips and darken the corners, with a lighter shade applied to the center. Another option is creating “Popsicle” lips by applying the darker shade in the center. It looks like you’ve been sucking on a Popsicle that’s transferred color to the inner portion of your pout. 

Whichever way you go, remember to blend. There should be no harsh lines involved in this look, just a seamless merging of the two shades. Try it! An extra benefit is that it will make your lips look larger. And who doesn’t want larger, more luscious, more kissable lips? 

Pictured: NYX Ombré Lip Duos, from top, in Pink Bubbles & Caviar, Peaches & Cream, Poppy & Lily, and Bonnie & Clyde. 

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