A frog worth kissing

imageSometimes the packaging and concept suck me in, and such was the case with Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince lipstick and blush. After all, what girl hasn’t kissed a frog or two? And who doesn’t want to believe that our lives are touched by the transformative power of magic?

The Frog Prince lipstick and blush are shades of green that would do any hopping reptile proud, but once applied to the lips and cheeks, they turn to a pretty shade of pinky mauve. A bit kitschy? Well, yes. But fun nonetheless, and actually lovely in action. Warning: These shades are fairly light, so they’re probably best suited to fair-to-medium skin tones.

The bottom line? These two handsome princes have something magical going!

3 thoughts on “A frog worth kissing

      • Ordered them both through Ulta thinking in my blissful ignorance it would be less tempting then going to the actual store. NOT!! Also got the Alice and Through the Looking glass eye shadows and 2 of the nail polishes. The good thing was a got lots of freebies to try!! Now I don’t know which is better buying or ordering on line. Both are FUN

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