An easy way to fake winged eyeliner

For some women — including me — winged eyeliner is one of the most difficult makeup tricks to master. It requires a steady hand and precision, and even then it’s easy to botch things up.  

After a lot of trial, error and smears, it’s easy to just give up.  After all, wings have to be done right or they’re just wrong. By right, I mean they need to be clean, crisp, even and sharp enough at the point to stab your man. (Not, of course, that you’d want to. Most days, anyway.) 

While you’re working to perfect your wing, there’s a simple way to give your eyes the lift they need to look younger. Because, yes, wings are sort of like a cosmetic eye lift. Droopy, sagging corners drag your eyes down and make you look older. 

Here’s the trick: 

  1.  Take a piece of wrapping tape and put it on the back of your hand. Stick and remove it a couple of times to get rid of some of the tackiness.
  2. Angle the tape from the corner of your bottom lid to the outer edge of your eyebrow. Don’t angle it out much further, because a general rule is that your shadow should never flare out too far beyond the tail of your eyebrow. I extend mine slightly because I have close-set eyes and doing so makes them appear further apart. 
  3. Apply your eyeshadow as usual, extending the color over the edge of the tape. You can be messy; there is no need for precision. 
  4. Gently remove the tape.  

Voila, a sharp edge to your eye makeup that gives your eyes a lift. You can make the “wing” appear more dramatic and winglike by using dark shadow at the corner of your eye. 

3 thoughts on “An easy way to fake winged eyeliner

  1. Been practicing the winged liner and love the look:) I tried the tape trick once and did not like how it turned out, but I am willing to give it another go.


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