Feeling the blues

imageDid you know that after long years of being out, blue eyeshadow is in? Hail to the 1970s!

If it’s your second (or third) go-’round with the joy of blue, be cautious. Keep it dusty and light and leave the brights and super-frosteds to the youngsters. And confine the shade only to your mobile lid. The 70s trend of applying color from lash line to eyebrow is over for good. We hope.

Oh–don’t forget that one good place to add a pop of blue is on your lower lash line, unless you have deep undereye wrinkles. In that event, draw attention away from your lower lids with a nice coat of mascara on your upper lashes only. Keep the attention focused upward and not on crepy undereyes!

Here’s a subtle blue look using the gorgeous blues from the Laura Geller “The Wearables” eye palette. Try pairing blue eye looks with a soft pink or pinky-lavender lipstick. Here I’m wearing Colour Pop lipstick in Pepper — a bargain at $5.

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