Looking for a hero? Beauty products I swear by 

 People often ask me about my skin. Quite honestly, I’m pretty genetically blessed. One of my grandmothers had a line-free face until she died in her 70s. I’ve never smoked and refrain from drinking (except on the very rare social occasion). I also avoid the sun as much as possible because I always burn, never tan.
I started taking diligent care of my skin in my early 40s after treatment for breast cancer. Chemotherapy will do a number on your skin. I was fortunate; mine bounced back. Today, I follow strict morning and evening routines that take five minutes or less to complete. I never skip those routines, no matter how tired I am.

Although I use a number of products, I wanted to share my “hero” selections. One is Luna Night Sleeping Oil by Sunday Riley. If I could use just one product for life, Luna would my choice. The company describes it as “a next-generation retinoid oil to reduce pore size, improve appearance of damaged skin and help fight wrinkles while moisturizing and calming skin.” All I know is that I can see a difference in my skin quality when I use it.

Also, because lashes are so important and no one wants to wear falsies every day, I use a lash-growth combo: SmartLash in the morning and Revitalash at night. Oddly, they only work for me when I use them together. A lot of people swear by the prescription brand Latisse, but it doesn’t make my lashes grow. If you’re in your 30s or older and have noticed your lashes aren’t as long and full as they used to be, try the SmartLash/Revitalash combo and let me know if you experience a difference.

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