From short to long in less than 10 minutes! 

 I’ve been thinking about growing my hair, but it’s such a long, aggravating process. I didn’t want to make the commitment and find out long into the undertaking that it didn’t flatter my face. Besides, I’m 56 — an age when everyone tells you it’s time to go shorter, not longer.

I had an Ulta credit, so I decided to give clip-in extensions a whirl. I figured it would be an easy way to test drive long locks before making the decision to grow or not to grow. I purchased a set of 16-inch extensions in ginger blonde, which I thought was the best match for my hair color.

The first time I put them on, I was less than impressed. Sixteen inches of stick-straight extensions made me look like nothing more than a blonde Elvira. I whipped out my trusty scissors and cut them to 10 inches, then curled them on hot rollers. Voila! A transformation I can live with.

I’m still on the fence about growing my hair, but I actually don’t find it aging. Since it only takes 10 minutes to go from short to long, I think the extensions will be fun for when I want to shake things up. Next time I see my hairdresser, I’ll take my clip-ins along so he can cut and style them.

All in all, my long-hair experiment was a fun success!

Pictured: Hairdo by Hairuwear extensions, $69 at Ulta

5 thoughts on “From short to long in less than 10 minutes! 

  1. Hi, first of all I can’t believe your age! What are you doing to keep keep your eye area so fine line free? You look like you are in your 30s. Have you had fillers or Botox or is their a magical eye cream that you know of? Secondly, all the articles I have read say that longer hair looks better on women as they age ( just not too long like down to their tush, ha, ha). The clip ins definitely make you look even more youthful and attractive. I grew my hair out (from a lob) and am still in the process of letting it grow long. I am finding the longer it gets, the better I look and feel. It just takes a lot of time and patience (with the help of Biotin and Argan oil). Please check out my latest post on my top 5 high end nude lipsticks. I think you may find something on the list you may like. I’d love to hear from you. Have a lovely day!


    • I am very lucky to have good genes (I have skin like my grandmother who died in her 70s with few wrinkles). I avoid the sun, am diligent about skin care and have Botox at the corner of my eyes once or twice per year. I’m fortunate not to have forehead creases or marionette lines –yet! I am not a skinny girl and that keeps me from getting deep wrinkles! I will most certainly check out your blog. 😘

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      • You look amazing! Does the Botox help with the eye area? I have a post on how to make your own skin creams out of oils (Argan, Rose hip, Grape Seed and Almond). I find my own creams the best! I also have two posts on Bio-Oil. I use it for skin care, fine libes, hyperpigmentation, old acne scarring and shrinking pores. It’s a magic face oil. Check out some of my older posts maybe there is something helpful there . XOXO

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      • I will check out your past blogs. Yes, Botox does help deep lines from settling in the corners of your eyes, but it doesn’t help the under eye area. I think the only thing that helps there is fillers. I will write a new blog on what I use in that area — you gave me the idea!!

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