The Best Damn Lip Mask lives up to its name

 If you’re going to market your product as the “Best Damn” anything, it damn well better be good. Well, the Best Damn Lip Mask by YouTube beauty guru Nicole Gurriero is better than good.

The demand for this little pot of glam is high. I was on the wait list for about five weeks, but the delay was well worth it. This isn’t just a lip balm; it’s exactly what it says it is — a lip mask. It’s thick, creamy, nourishing and plumping, making it perfect for rejuvenating lips overnight. It’s also great for preparing your pout for lipstick. Apply it and let it sit while you’re putting on the rest of your face; your lips will be primed and perfectly ready when it’s time for your lip products.

I haven’t tried the rest of Nicole’s “Best Damn” products, but her lip mask is certainly promising. I’m ordering a back-up pot because I don’t want to be without it!

The Best Damn Lip Mask, $26 for .5 ounces, Best Damn Beauty

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