Shake your ‘Bum-Bum’ 

I’m off to the Bahamas in less than a week, so I’m doing all the things one must do to prepare for fun in the sun. Tomorrow is set aside for a manicure, pedicure and waxing (Brazilian –ouch!). Then comes self-tanning: I’m super pale, so I don’t want to blind anyone on the beach.

One of my beach must-haves is a heavy duty moisturizer. I’m prone to dry skin, so moisturizer is one of my best friends. My cabinet is stocked with them, each smelling better than the last. This brings me to my point: While it’s not strictly a moisturizer, I’m completely addicted to a new moisturizing product — Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro.

My goodness, people, this stuff is seriously good. It leaves my skin feeling as smooth and supple as silk. I can’t stop touching it! And the scent is to die for. It’s a strong, summery, beachy scent with staying power. If they bottled it as a perfume, I’d stand in line to buy it. (If you’re averse to scents, steer clear.)

As I mentioned, Brazilian Bum-Bum cream works as a quickly absorbed, luxurious moisturizer that leaves skin silky with a slight sheen. But it serves another purpose: It’s a skin tightener for — yes — the Bum-Bum. And, of course, other body areas that could use firming.

Here’s what the makers have to say:

What it is:

A fast-absorbing body cream that helps tighten and smooth the look of skin.

What it is formulated to do:
Many Brazilian creams have a secret ingredient: guaraná, a native Amazonian plant whose fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is also powered by a Brazilian blend of extraordinarily nourishing cupuaçu butter, antioxidant powerhouse açaí, and super-conditioning coconut oil for irresistible, touch-me skin. The fast-absorbing texture contains just enough mica to add a perfect Brazilian glow, as the formula helps your body look and feel its smoothest and tightest.

My summation: Whether you’re headed off for a beach vacation or just dreaming of one, Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream is a must-have for all of your body parts in need of pampering.

Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro, $45 for 8.1 ounces, Sephora.

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