4 reasons you should never sleep with makeup on 


Don’t be tempted to sleep in makeup.

I’m always shocked by the number of people who tell me they don’t wash their faces before going to bed. I confess to having committed this grievous sin in my college days but, then again, I did a lot of foolish things in college. But that’s a story for another day …

Listen up, ladies and gents, you should never, ever, ever go to bed without (at a minimum) cleansing and moisturizing your face. Here’s why:

  • During the day, bacteria builds up on your face. Think about it: Your skin attracts general pollutants, dirt and grime. And then there are the oils it produces, not to mention the germs it amasses when you touch your hands to your face or use your phone.
  • Pillow smush. Most people move around in bed while sleeping, and at night that includes burying our faces into our pillows. If you’re wearing makeup, all of that smushing just grinds makeup, germs and dirt deeper into your pores. Pillows are breeding grounds for bacteria anyway, so don’t magnify the problem. In addition to cleansing your face, wash your pillowcase at least one per week in very hot water to eliminate germs from skin oils, hairspray and other products that make it less than clean.
  • Clogged pores. Makeup, oil and sebum love to burrow into your pores. This can cause not only breakouts but enlarged pores. I don’t know about you, but I want to avoid sink holes on my chin and nose areas. Your skin needs to breathe and repair itself at night. Makeup, dirt and grime prevent it from doing so.
  • Broken eyelashes. If eyes are the window to the soul, who wants their soul to have tattered curtains? Sleeping in mascara makes lashes stiff, brittle and prone to breakage. Let your lashes breathe — and go a step further by using an eyelash conditioner to keep them soft and nourished.

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