Beauty finds: Wings and catnip

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When I make beauty discoveries, I’m always eager to share them. Today, I have two great products to tell you about. One will give you wings; the other is like catnip.

Just wing it

In the beauty world, one of the hardest skills to master is winged eyeliner. It needs to be sharp and even, and even years of practice don’t make perfect. The problem is that liner is applied after eyeshadow, so a screw up ruins everything that went before. That’s why there’s a saying: “Never ask a woman wearing winged eyeliner why she’s late.”

img_0335Cue Beauty Blender, makers of the incredibly popular Beauty Blender Sponge. They’ve come up with a simple but ingenious gadget: the liner.designer. It’s a flexible, triangular-shaped disk that’s a guide to the perfect wing, whether you’re going for a cat eye, sharp flick, thin line, thick line or double wing. It looks kind of like a guitar pick but it’s more bendy and has all the right curves. I used it today and it was easy-peasy to produce a wing so sharp it could cut a man.


IMG_0334I’m a lipstick girl. I love finding new shades to enhance my lips, which some have said are my best feature. I’m not so sure about that, but have lips, will rock them. Anastasia Beverly Hills, the company behind one of the best and most comfortable liquid lipstick lines, recently released some new and lovely shades. Today, I tried one called “Catnip” and I have to say it is gorgeous — so gorgeous your lips will become catnip for your guy. Even better news: I applied it at noon and it’s still going strong nine hours later. Good stuff!

The Beauty Blender liner.designer is available at Sephora for $16. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Catnip” liquid lipstick is available at Sephora, Macy’s and for $20. 


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